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Inovacia offer a variety of advanced technical services from first design to end manufacture. Our team’s constant research & development provides you with fresh ideas and solutions to drive you far ahead of your competitors.

We represent a group of scientists and engineers based in Cambridgeshire and Kent. Our technological capabilities span from Software Programming, Electronics, Robotics - electro-mechanical and motor control solutions to Bioscience including non-contact Sensors and Chemical Fingerprinting. Some of our other sectors include solutions in renewable energy, LED drivers and lighting, invisible heated membranes for walls and floors, data communications using RF or wired…

If you have an idea or would like to solve a problem our team at Inovacia can help with feasibility studies or take your idea to its final stage. Our strategy has always been to work one-to-one with all our clients and offer tailored packages to meet your exact requirements.

As for our work ethics, client confidentiality is the top priority, neither your products or identity will be disclosed to anyone and we carry our work within the published guidelines of the major governing bodies and are happy to sign non-disclosure agreement if necessary.

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